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Instruction: how to get to your hotel (HOTEL LYNX)

Start from the exit of the customs.
You can find the sign of “Rail Way” close to the exit of both No.1 and No.2 air terminal in Narita airport (inside the building). There is an escalator down by the sign. Go guided by the signs and you will find two train stations, JR (Japan Railway) and Keisei (a private railway company). Use “Keisei” line and take Keisei Airport Express. “Sky Liner” will be more direct and quick, but is more expensive and more complicated to find the next train.
There is an express-train every 20 minutes. The fare is 560JPY to (Touyou)-Katsutadai station. It takes about 33 minutes. It is between “Sakura” and “Keisei-Tsudanuma” in the following map. All the limited expresses stop at “(Touyou)-Katsutadai”.
You must pick up the ticket after the passing gate. There are about eight stations between the airport and Katsutadai stations. There is an elevator at the middle of the platform of Katutadai. After passing the gate, turn left and you can find the entrance of the “Toyo-Katsutadai” (Toyo rapid line which directly connects to Tokyo Metro). It is only about 50 m. Buy a ticket at the machine just in front of the entrance gate. It costs 840JPY. After passing the gate, you will find a downwards escalator to the train platform. Toyo-Katsutadai station is the terminal station. I suggest you to go ahead to the end of the platform where the front side of the train, where is convenient at your destination of “Monzen-nakacho (Tokyo metro)”. Get on the train on either side of the platform.
There is a train every 15 minutes. Take “rapid” one. It takes 40 minutes to “Monzen-nakacho”. Get off at “Monzen-Nakacho”, and walk the platform to the heading direction of the train. There is an upwards escalator. Turn right and you will find the exit gate in the right hand side. After passing the gate, turn right again. You will find a small escalator (about 10 steps). Climb up the steps by the escalator, you will find two doors of elevators about 10 m in front of you. You go up to 1st floor (ground level) and go out to the road. You will find the signal at the left hand side about 5 m. Walk toward the signal and turn to right and cross a busy road and go straight about 100m. You turn to right on the next corner. You walk about 100m and you can find the sign of Hotel Lynx in left hand side on a bridge crossing a river. See the map on the next page.
I usually suggest this route for foreign colleagues. The fare is not the cheapest and it takes a bit longer, but the exchange is only once and easy to find the next train. The other routes are complicated to find the next train.

Subway is “Monzen-nakacho (Tokyo metro)” exit
“Toyoko Inn” is walking distance on the train direction out from the same exit, but opposite of the road. The other exit is in the opposite side of the road for “Tokoyo Inn”. But there is no elevator.